We are in Puglia, in the splendid heel of Italy, where the expanses of olive trees extend all the way to the sea, outlined only by stone walls and farmhouses that, painted blinding white, shine bright against the red earth.

We are in Bari, the town of St. Nicholas and of the northwest wind that blows away the clouds and makes the air clear and the colors vibrant, but, above all, carries the scent of the sea to every corner.

If you want to talk to us, call us at 3337401196 or send us an email at hello@d-evo.it


DEVO sas
SEDE LEGALE: Trav. Via Napoli, 22 – 70127 Bari (BA) – ITALY
iscritta al Registro delle Imprese di Bari
REA: BA-414552 – P.I. 05369030720
hello@d-evo.it – devosas@pec.it